hi, I’m monique

doterra advocate, mum-boss, crystal guru, energy practiTIoner and all round nature lover.

Welcome to my website where I’m sharing my love and mission to naturally empower your health and wellbeing with tools and resources created by and gifted from Mama Earth directly into our homes.

Here I’ll be sharing all of the wisdom that essential oils, crystals and energy work has to offer our lives, helping you to feel more connected with nature, bringing you back into harmony with your body’s natural state of being.

This blissful business was birthed from a place of years of chronic stress, overwhelm and exhaustion and I knew that there had to be a better way of living for both myself and my family.

It was a simple bottle of Lavender and a small Rose Quartz necklace that started me down the rabbit hole of exploring natural solutions to support my journey, and soon my life was completely changed.

As my curiosity grew so did my knowledge, experience and passion for sharing essential oils and crystals and so this little business was born, giving me the mission to help others transform their lives. In doing so I have a thriving business, a community of like minded humans who are also fired up about a simpler way of caring for themselves and their families and ultimately take care of the world around them.





Bachelor of Business (Major in Marketing and Finance)
Post Grad Diploma (Masters) in Finance
Certified Practitioner of Reiki from the Usui Lineage Level 1 & 2 (completed in Auckland, NZ)
Certified Coach
Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher