i had tried everything.

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Honestly, I was a sceptic.

Just another network marketing scam.

That’s hippy stuff.

It’s not going to work.

My journey with oils started with a bottle of Lavender and a little baby who wouldn’t sleep. I was a FIFO mum and didn’t have a lot of support so was home alone with my son for weeks at a time. I didn’t realise the detrimental effects that sleep deprivation and years of chronic stress had on my emotional wellbeing until I was in too deep. By this stage I was desperate to try anything.

I didn’t care about feeling good.

I just wanted to feel normal.

I had tried sleep training, hired a sleep specialist, seen a doctor and attempted every tip or trick that had been suggested in every single sleep book but my son still wouldn’t sleep longer than 2-3 hours a night. After months of sleepless nights, exhaustion and frustration I was loaned a diffuser and a simple bottle of Lavender. A drop of oil in the bath and some more in the diffuser before bed paved the way for the best night sleep we had since he was born.

Although I was hooked on my little Lavender I was still doubtful that oils could make a real and lasting effect on my wellbeing.

When I first seriously started using essential oils I was dealing with a lot of negative emotions. Resentment, anger, sadness, grief, confusion, depression, stress, hopelessness, exhaustion. You name it I felt it.

If Lavender can feel so calming maybe there’s an oil for anger? grief? self-love? acceptance?

I started using essential oils for emotional support before eventually realising how powerful these little bottles and tiny drops of oil were and so I started integrating them seamlessly into other area’s of my life.

Adding Lemon oil to flavour my water, drinking a Peppermint oil tea to help soothe an upset belly, removing chemicals and toxins from my home and introducing home made cleaners with Purify or OnGuard or Lemongrass oil added in. Diffusing Wild Orange when we wake up for an energetic hit with my morning coffee or adding a drop of Yarrow Pom or Geranium to my skin care at night.

These oils help me to live more intentionally every single day and bring the magic of nature into my everyday life.