energy sessions

with crystals, reiki & sound healing


As an energy practitioner I use a combination of crystals, reiki, sound healing, aromatherapy, and other subtle energy modalities, to cleanse, balance, and open the chakras, or energy centres of the body. These wheels of spinning energy are located in the aura, an electromagnetic field surrounding the body, which governs our mental, spiritual and emotional states of being. The effect of well balanced chakras often translates into a feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.

Disclaimer: These sessions are to be used in conjunction with medical care, not as a substitute. Please consult an appropriate health care practitioner about any medical concerns that you have. Note: Payment is due at time of booking. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

what’s involved?

While experiencing a laying on of stones during a relaxing, restorative, life-affirming session/meditation, blockages in energetic field and chakra centers will be released to flow once again as Spirit intended. I will assist you in achieving a higher vibrational state which in turn attracts more positivity and joy into one's energetic field. You will leave feel uplifted, supported, loved and inspired.

who can benefit?

Energy sessions are suitable for anyone, of any age, with any condition. These healing treatments complement orthodox medicine and/or other complementary therapies.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of sessions will depend upon your condition/dis-ease/physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual state of being; also on how long this has affected you and how ready you are to embrace change and do the necessary work to achieve it. Some conditions require more treatments than others.

Generally, a series of 3 treatments has been found to be beneficial as a starting point in allowing you to track progress towards therapeutic change. 

A treatment plan will be discussed  with you during your initial consultation.   You will also be encouraged to be guided by your inner knowing in connection with number and timing of treatments.

ready to book?

60 minute energy session + 30 minute intuitive reading


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