Apophyllite Cluster (Stalactite Form)


Apophyllite Cluster (Stalactite Form)

67.20 96.00

Spiritual + Cleanse + Intuition

Colour Clear, white, soft green
Chakra Crown, Third Eye
Special Mention Zodiac: Gemini
Care N/A

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Spiritual Create a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Use in meditation on your third eye to enhance your journeying while keeping you grounded.

Healers Stone This crystal is essential for energy practitioners to help keep the energy of their space clear and ensure that the energy work being done on the client is unfiltered. Especially good for reiki and other types of energy specific healing.

Cleanse Keep a cluster in busy area’s of your home; the kitchen or living room to keep the space harmonious.

Intuition + Inner Work A stone of truth, apophyllite prompts self-inquiry helping you to uncover your true self hidden beneath your social and familial conditioning.

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