Black Tourmaline Smooth (Medium)


Black Tourmaline Smooth (Medium)

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Protect + Ground + Cleanse

Colour Black
Chakra Root
Special Mention Crystal Rockstar (must have essential crystal)
Care N/A

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Grounding This earthy crystal is a heavyweight at keeping you anchored here in this physical realm. Place at your feet during meditation, breathwork, journeying or anything where you may have an out of body experience. Also good for bring you back into the present moment when you find yourself worrying about the past or future.

Protect This bodyguard of crystals protects against negative or unwanted energy or psychic attacks from others and helps establish and maintain personal boundaries. Keep a small piece on your person, at your feet (when sleeping or working) or grid each of the four corners of your home with a piece for energetic protection.

Cleanse This crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy and transform into a lighter and more positive energy. For this reason black tourmaline is a powerful energy cleanser. Helps clear the aura, remove blockages, balance the aura and dispel negativity from the energetic body.


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