Celestite Cluster (Small)

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Celestite Cluster (Small)

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Colour Sky Blue
Chakra Throat, Third Eye, Crown
Special Mention N/A
Care Fades in direct sunlight, fragile : handle with care.

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Calm One of the most soothing and peaceful crystals, keep one on or near you to soothe anxious feelings and remind you to let go of chronic overthinking. The cool blue of the crystal helps to soothe fiery emotions.

Sleep Known as the cosmic lullaby, keep this crystal beside your bed for a calm and restful nights sleep and aids dream recall.

Guides The dreamy sky blue of this stone connects us to our angels and guides so that we can feel supported and connected to something bigger than ourselves. Place on your third eye during meditation to stimulate transmissions from the higher realms.

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