Citrine Cluster

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Citrine Cluster

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Creativity + Manifest + Abundance

Colour Yellow, Brown, Orange
Chakra Solar Plexus
Special Mention Crystal Rockstar : Top 10 Essentials
Care Fades in direct sunlight, fragile : handle with care.

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Creativity This bright crystal takes you straight outdoors in the summer sun helping to inspire you creatively and keep those ideas flowing abundantly.

Manifest Citrine looks like sunshine captured in a crystal, supercharging your solar plexus to help you manifest your wildest dreams. Program Citrine with an intention or a goal and then keep it somewhere visible at all times to remind you of what you’re trying to create in life.

Abundance My number one stone for prosperity, good luck and abundance. Keep it visible in your workspace or in the money area of your home.

Crystal will be intuitively chosen from similarly sized stock.

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