Clear Quartz Keyring


Clear Quartz Keyring

10.50 15.00

Heal + Cleanse + Amplify + Manifest

Colour Clear
Chakra Crown, All
Special Mention The Master Healer. Birthstone: April. Most abundant crystal in the world.
Care N/A

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Heal Quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition, it attunes to the specific needs of the person working with it to help move them back to their natural vibrational state of being.

Cleanse Because quartz is so high vibrational it is a natural cleanser. Use a cluster like this and lay smaller crystals on top to help restore them back to their base frequency.

Amplify Most powerful amplifier in the world. Combine with other crystals to enhance the energy.

Manifest Quartz is used worldwide in the comms world because of their ability to store information and communicate, making them excellent for programming with specific intentions. Use a visualisation meditation to bring your desires to mind and then send that image to the crystal while holding it.

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