Green Apophyllite Cluster (Small)


Green Apophyllite Cluster (Small)

28.00 40.00

Spiritual + Cleanse + Intuition

Colour Mint green
Chakra Heart, Crown
Special Mention Zodiac: Gemini
Care N/A

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Spiritual Create a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Use in meditation on your third eye to enhance your journeying while keeping you grounded.

Heart Opener The green activates the heart chakra opening you up to universal energy. It balances the emotions with a loving and gentle energy and anchors you back into your truth.

Cleanse Green apophyllite can cleanse your heart by helping you to let go of things that no longer serve you so you can proceed with forgiveness and healing.

Intuition + Inner Work A stone of truth, apophyllite prompts self-inquiry helping you to uncover your true self hidden beneath your social and familial conditioning.

Crystal will be intuitively chosen from similarly sized stock.

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