Labradorite Tumbled

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Labradorite Tumbled

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Intuition + Spiritual Wisdom + Protection

Colour Grey-green-black iridscence
Chakra Third Eye
Special Mention Zodiac: Scorpio. Also known as Rainbow Moonstone
Care Never needs cleansing as it doesn’t hold negativity. Fragile: handle with care

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Intuition A great stone for cutting through the BS and seeing the truth of the matter in situations, relationships or within yourself. Helps you to combine intellectual thought with intuitive wisdom. Sleep with this crystal under your pillow.

Spiritual Wisdom The best stone for fighting an existential crisis as it’s a stone of esoteric knowledge. Use in meditation by placing on your third eye or keep under your pillow so it can do it’s magic while you’re off in dreamland.

Protection A stone to help strengthen your aura by deflecting unwanted energy. Excellent crystal to have with you during therapy.


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