Moonstone Flatstone


Moonstone Flatstone

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Intuition + Empowered Femininity + Fertility + Balance

Colour Milky white, Cream, Yellow, Blue
Chakra Crown, Third Eye
Special Mention A stone of new beginnings. A form of Labradorite
Care Does not like water. Fragile: handle with care

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Intuition Strongly connected to the moon and our intuition, moonstone welcomes you into your subconscious and inner knowing

Empowered Femininity Like the moon this stone is connected with the natural push and pull rhythms of the female cycles. This stone awakens our inner radiance so we can step into our Goddess power.

Balance Helps those over-identified with their masculine (doing, aggressive, action oriented) side and find more balance and harmony with their feminine side (being, nurturing). This relates to male or female.

Fertility and Birth An excellent gift for expectant or new mothers. Keep a small piece tucked into a piece of clothing during pregnancy, childbirth and/or breastfeeding.


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