Orange Agate Flatstone


Orange Agate Flatstone

25.20 36.00

Balance + Courage + Creative

Colour Orange-Red
Chakra Sacral, Solar Plexus
Special Mention Called the Earth Rainbow because of the earthy colours and bands or stripes visible
Care N/A

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Ground + Balance This is a stone that brings about inner stability by helping you to obtain emotional, physical and intellectual balance.

Courage Gently facilitates acceptance of yourself and builds the confidence and courage to look at objectively anything that is an obstacle to your highest and greatest good. Keep a piece tucked into your clothing or rub with your hand when you need reassurance.

Creative This flame colour of this crystal helps creatives overcome blocks, gives you the courage to take risks and ignite that fire within you to create and express yourself freely.


Crystal will be intuitively chosen from similarly sized stock
A Grade crystals are better quality and therefore more high vibrational and are priced accordingly.

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