Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stone

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Rainbow Fluorite Worry Stone

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Focus + Productivity + Physical Health + Cleanse

Colour Green, purple, blue, white
Chakra Heart, Throat, Crown
Special Mention The Genius Stone
Care Needs frequent cleansing. Fades in direct sunlight

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Physical Health It is said that Fluorite is a powerful healing stone and tool, dealing with infections and disorder and inflammation. Soak in a bath with some tumbled stones or carry on your person.

Balance This stone really stabilises the aura and is highly protective. A great crystal to have around the home and carry on you to shut you off from outside influences.

Cleanse This stone also acts as a healer in mental, emotional and spiritual areas.  It is said to cleanse the aura by drawing out any stress and negative energy thereby restoring emotional balance, helping you feel calmer enabling clarity and stillness of mind.

Focus Rainbow Fluorite is also a good study buddy as it is said to promote clearer thinking, better mental clarity and improved concentration.


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