Rose Quartz Generator


Rose Quartz Generator

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Colour Pink
Chakra Heart
Special Mention Pairs well with Clear Quartz - a natural amplifier
Care Fades in direct sunlight

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Love This crystal is for all forms of love; romantic love, family, self-love and unconditional love. Keep a piece under you pillow, beside your bed or in the relationship corner of your home. The perfect crystal for jewellery that sits close to your heart.

Beauty Add this crystal to your bath for a deeper self-love experience. Rose Quartz is often the stone of choice in Gua Sha and facial rollers, perfect as part of a loving daily routine.

Forgiveness The reassuring vibes of this crystal makes it great for heart healing or crisis. Place on your chest and visualise the rose quartz drawing the heaviness up and out of your body. A great crystal to keep your heart chakra open.

Self-Love Hold your rose quartz in your hand as you say your daily affirmations. Let the stone be a reminder of your intention.


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