Selenite Rods


Selenite Rods

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Cleanse + Protect

Colour Milky white
Chakra Crown, Third Eye, All
Special Mention Crystal Rockstar (must have essential crystal). Named after Selene the mythical goddess of the moon
Care Does not like water. Fragile: handle with care

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Cleanse Yourself Most known for it’s cleansing abilities, selenite is easily found and affordable. Use a rod or wand to wave over your body with the intention of cleansing any energy that doesn’t belong to you or support your highest good.

Cleanse your Objects Place smaller objects or crystals onto a larger piece of selenite to cleanse them and return them back to their base frequency.

Sleep Keep a piece of Selenite beside your bed to ward off nightmares and promote a calm and restful sleep. Great for clearing any energy clutter collected during the day.

Protect A tower in your space at work or somewhere prominent in the home can emanate protective vibes and create a safe and peaceful space that does not allow outside influences in.


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