Smoky Quartz Generator (A Grade)

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Smoky Quartz Generator (A Grade)

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Grounding + Stress + Meditation

Colour Clear, Brown
Chakra Earth, Root
Special Mention The Genius Stone
Care Fades in direct sunlight

Crystal Wisdom + How To Use

Grounding One of the most efficient grounding and anchoring stones with a strong connection to earth. Great to travel with (if you’re flying). Also excellent to protect you and keep you anchored during meditation or other spiritual practices.

Meditation The earthiness of the crystal simultaneously stabilises and grounds you while amplifying and and expanding your consciousness. Use in meditation by holding, placing at the feet or just keeping nearby your meditation space.

Stress To dispel stress place in the hand and sit quietly for a few moments connecting to the energy of the crystal, this crystal gently neutralises negative influences over the emotional body.


Crystal is intuitively chosen from similarly sized stock.

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